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Kalai King returned to acting in January of 2015 after an extended hiatus. He literally grew up in a theatre, where his mother was a singer, actress, dancer and costume designer and his father was a set designer & artistic director. They met working on a show together. After 15 years of performing in musicals, dramas and film, Kalai was accepted to Julliard for theatre. He instead majored in Applied Voice with a minor in Theory and Composition at the University of Delaware. Paying his way through college as a Singer-Songwriter and solo acoustic performer, he moved to Los Angeles, formed the successful Americana band Hawkeye, released many albums and wrote sketch comedy for Nickelodeon, where he appeared in many episodes.

Upon his return to Delaware, Kalai became a featured solo acoustic artist in the resort town of Dewey Beach, Delaware, known for its celebrity vacationers and abundance of beach bars. In 2015, the acting bug bit him again and he quickly landed the role of Captain Emmett Lochran in the highly acclaimed play Civil War: The Musical. From there, he played Fyedka in Fiddler on the Roof and was cast as a member of the dance troupe. He landed a small featured role in the film Creed (the Rocky reboot) and was noticed by a fellow actor who introduced him to his agent. Since then, Kalai has been booking commercial, television and voiceover work. He is currently pursuing a career on Broadway.